Camp Connect


What is canoe camping?

Canoe camping is a journey of mind, body and soul,
upon the waterways that make up this land.

We carry our equipment with us in the canoe,
and we trust in the One to carry us through.

Each morning we take down our camp, and set forth,
paddling until we find a new site for the night.

Then we set up our tents, forage for wood,
kindle a fire and cook up some food.

When the stars come out, so do stories and songs,
in the warmth of the fire we’re forging a bond.


In the same way our ancestors did for so long,
May their legacy guide us and make our faith strong.


by Henrik Yusuf ~

What is Camp Connect?

Our intention is to connect: with one another, with nature, and with our Creator.

Our intention is to follow in the Blessed footsteps of our Noble Prophet Muhammadﷺ as he called us to be “like a traveller in this world”.

Who can register?

Boys between the ages of 12 and 18.

Where can I register?

Fill out the following form. If you haven’t heard from us within a week, send an email to


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